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If you have a special time that you would like to have a lesson in the future and the teacher’s calendar shows the time as not available, it is okay to ask the teacher if they are available at that time. If they are not free, they will let you know politely. If they are free, they might be able to give you a lesson.

The teacher will tell administration about the extra lesson and we will add the lesson to the calendar. Make sure you have the right amount of tickets in your account for it!
How do I ask politely? What should I say?

Hi (teacher’s name)! I have really enjoyed your lessons and I have a special favor to ask you. Are you available to have a (type of lesson — 55 minute or 25 minute) lesson with me on (day and time) Japan Standard time zone? It is okay if you can’t!

Here is a good copy and paste example in English that you can send to the teacher either on Skype chat or in an email. Just remember to change the Teacher’s name, the type of lesson and the date and time of the lesson.

Hi Scarlett!
I have really enjoyed your lessons and I have a special favor to ask you. Are you available to have with me a 55 minute lesson on Friday February 19 at 19:00 Japan Standard time zone?
It is okay if you can’t!

  • 1. Each teacher must have at least 12 hours notice of your lesson.
  • 2. Cancellations and changes by STUDENTS will be accepted up to 6 hours prior to the lesson with no cancellation fee. If your cancellation or change is less than 6 hours before lesson, a lesson charge of 1 ticket will be charged for each 25 minute lesson.
  • 3. Cancellations by TEACHERS will result in 1 ticket for each 25 minute lesson returned to the student’s account.

I will treat every situation on a case by case basis, but in general, yes, you must use your tickets within 180 days.
Please remember your purchase date. No email will be sent to warn you that your tickets will expire.

Yes, I realize that many people can take advantage of your personal information in very harmful ways.
The last thing I want is to harm people. Your email address will only be used by me to communicate directly with you.
Our website is on a dedicated server with a secured connection.

Still have a question?

We will gladly help you!

You have done a lot of reading and writing. It’s time to listen and speak. We will never try to sell you anything.

No. You speak, you learn.
Please see our Teaching Philosophy

You can delete/cancel the lesson up to 6 hours before the lesson without being charged. Your ticket will automatically be returned to your account.

You can make a reservation up until 12 hours before the lesson.

Please email the teacher (or me!) as soon as you can so that you can possibly beat the 6 hour time limit before a lesson!
You will find their email on your confirmation email.
If you know you can’t be at your lesson before the 6 hour cutoff time, login and go to your lessons link and cancel the lesson manually.

Professionalism and punctuality is extremely important to us. Therefore, if an issue arises that needs my attention, please email or Skype me as soon as possible, and I will make sure the problem is resolved immediately.

Do not worry! The teacher will let me know that they missed your lesson and I will return your point as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

No, you do not. But you must have a microphone so that we can hear you!
Your teacher will always use their camera. If they do not have it on, they might not be aware it is off.
Please tell them.

After you register, you will receive a ticket for a free trial automatically. After that, if you would like more lessons, please purchase a package of tickets before booking. As you book, the cost is automatically subtracted from your account.
When you cancel or delete a lesson, the cost is returned to your account automatically.

Skype is a FREE program. With a webcamera and a microphone, we can speak face to face!
Our camera and microphone is very clear. It is like we are in the same room.
Here is the link to download Skype:

In English

Paypal is safe, easy and inexpensive. Paypal

The link to purchase tickets is on the scheduler after you login. Look for the word “Shop”.
We accept Credit Cards and Paypal. Paypal is safe, easy and inexpensive.

Try clearing your browser’s cache, cookies and temporary folders. Then close the browser and re-open.

Each teacher can have up to 3 students. It is okay if a friend or family member and you would like to have a lesson with one of our teachers together.

  • If you are a brand new student please go here first to understand the process: Read More
  • If you need to register with the scheduling system, please go here: REGISTER
  • If you are have already registered with the scheduling system and need to log in, please go here: LOGIN
  • I recommend starting here to book a lesson based on your available time: Book a Lesson
  • I recommend searching for a teacher based on specific Specialties (one who teaches children, one who knows medical terminology, pronunciation specialists, etc) here: Teacher Search
  • Or, you can browse through our portfolio of teachers here: Our Teachers

No. They can all use the same account. Just make a note on the reservation to let the teacher know the correct skype name for whom the lesson is for.

Currently at Topic-Time, you will send your payment through Paypal to John Moulder (Scarlett’s husband).

Hello English US —-> Topic-Time. You will also see “onlineeikaiwa.jp” sometimes.
I am sorry for so much inconvenience with this. Thank you so much for all of your understanding. I hope everyone is not too confused.

Yes! There are quite a few teachers who teach children.
Here is a quick reference for those teacher who do: Teacher Search

They do not need their own account. You can use one account for your family.

Sorry, no. I wish we could give free lessons to everyone, but we like to eat!

We have many years of experience teaching English Conversation lessons. We consider ourselves professional teachers.