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Topic-Time, Incorporated
English Tutoring Program
  • Owner: Scarlett Moulder
  • Office Location: 6710 Yellow Bell Rd., Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
  • Email: or
  • Website Address:


Lesson payment is expected at the time of booking. Once payment is confirmed, immediate booking is available.
Payments for lessons are through Credit Card or Paypal in American currency (USD).
 Paypal accepts payments with VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express.

Student Information

Collection of student information:
  • Email Address
  • First and Last Name
  • Skype ID
How we use this information:
Student information is held confidential and never given or sold to any third parties.


  • Each teacher must have at least 12 hours notice of your lesson.
  • Cancellations and changes by STUDENTS will be accepted up to 6 hours prior to the lesson with no cancellation fee. If your cancellation or change is less than 6 hours before lesson, a lesson charge of 1 credit will be charged.
  • Cancellations by TEACHERS will result in 1 credit returned to the student’s account.


Refund deadline of 3 days


Registration is free. There are no additional material costs. You will receive a ticket after you register that can be used for one 20 minute free trial. After your free trial, you can make more reservations after you purchase tickets.
  • .50 ticket = 20 minute trial lesson (For first time meeting only)
  • 1 ticket = 25 minute mini lesson
  • 2 tickets = 55 minute full lesson (5 bonus minutes)


After you purchase a package, the tickets can be used until they are gone or expired.

Expiration of Tickets Policy

※VERY IMPORTANT All tickets expire in 180 from purchase. We do not send a reminder email regarding the expiration date, so please be careful to note the date of purchase and mark the day on your calendar


Internet communication environment will be borne by the student themselves. Students will provide their own PC, speaker, microphone, and Skype download.


Skype: topic-time


Students can only register for one account.


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If You Buy This Many Tickets
A 25 Minute Lesson (1 Ticket) Will Cost
A 55 Minute Lesson (2 Tickets) will Cost
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