Lesson Types


The teacher has a prepared list of many many many different topics. The teacher chooses one and lets you speak about it while correcting you. Correction can be while you speak, or afterward. This is good for your speaking and listening skills about more specific conversations and will test your vocabulary as well as grammar structure.


This is the easiest method for beginners. Using internet articles (wikipedia, news, etc.) the teacher and student discuss articles. My advice is to try your best NOT to prepare in advance! True learning comes from being spontaneous.

Free Talk

A regular conversation between 2 people. People never know where a conversation will lead them. It is spontaneous and fluid. A good conversationalist is easy to talk to. A good way to keep a conversation going is by asking questions about the other person. This style is good for practicing speed and listening skills

Scarlett Method

The “Scarlett method” is an effective way to learn the most while using limited time for lessons. This English teaching method, which was devised by the owner of this school from her own teaching experience is by immediately typing your conversation while you are speaking it and afterwards, displaying it to you on Skype. Together, you will correct each sentence for things such as grammar, vocabulary, and phrases, and perform a repeated practice of pronunciation.

This method is an efficient way to learn how to use natural, everyday English and idioms that are often used in conversation. It is a practical teaching method that takes what you already know and expands on it. The best way to learn how to speak is by using it spontaneously. With this method, you are using what you know spontaneously and adding the small touches to make it perfect.


There are a million different reasons that people are studying English.
There are also a million different ways to teach English. Each student has different needs and our teachers try to give each student what they need.

Our teachers are very versatile. The beauty of private lessons is that they can use different styles depending on the student and their individual goals. During a lesson, they will try their best to understand how to help you in the best way.

You can help them by telling them about your specific goals. You can do this by typing a few sentences in the “Comment” box when you make the reservation. Or, by typing it into the Skype message box before a lesson (this last one is probably better).

We call this “taking control of your education”.  It is not considered rude to ask for what you need.  After all, you are not only a diligent student, you are also our honored customer and we want to give you what you are paying for: a good English education that helps you the most.

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