Free Trial Flow

How to get started with Topic-Time

It’s free!

We will ask you for your Name, your login email, and your Skype ID.
You will receive a registration confirmation email. Click the link in your email.


You will see that you have received .50 ticket in your account for a free trial lesson with your choice of teachers.

If you would like more lessons after the free trial, you must purchase a package of tickets.

The more tickets you buy, the less expensive the lesson cost!
The link to purchase a package is on the menu after you login. Look for the word “Shop”


Choose "20 Minute Trial Lesson" and then choose your lesson time.

Soon after booking your lesson, the teacher will add you as a contact on Skype. It will not be immediate. Remember the time difference!
It is perfectly okay for you to add them as a contact first.


Come to your lesson and Enjoy!

When the lesson starts, the teacher should send a little message on Skype to ask if you are ready.

There is no need to prepare anything.
Try not to be nervous 🙂  The teacher will have a million topics to talk about and will guide the entire lesson.

We have competitively Low Prices

Our Learning Philosophy

Useful Phrases for Lessons