Our Teaching Philosophy


Children do not learn conversational English from a textbook.

They learn by speaking and listening. Their parents guide the children. Their parents correct the children. Their parents make learning fun and interesting.

We speak together as friends on many topics.

During our classes, we guide you, correct you and hopefully make it interesting and fun! The only thing that I ask of you is to try your best not to prepare for a lesson.

When I call my friend to go out to dinner, I do not ask her what we will be talking about because I need to prepare for our conversation. In my small opinion, I believe that the best and fastest way to learn comes from the spontaneous usage of English when speaking with someone. It directly connects the thoughts to the mouth. My children could speak English by the age of 3 …. but did not open a text book until they were 5.

Our teachers are very skilled in helping you to speak. They have more than 1000 topics to speak about and your time in a lesson will seem to go by very quickly.

I highly recommend learning English from many different teachers for 2 reasons:

1 Learning English is like watching news on television.・・・・You must get your information from many different sources. If you only watch the news on CNN, you will only get one point of view. Your learning will not be complete. But you will truly learn all of the facts if you watch CNN and FOX and NHK and BBC! This is why it is important to take many different teacher’s classes. Learning English from many teachers will give you a more complete understanding of pronunciation, grammar, idioms and vocabulary because you learn different things from different people.

2 Sometimes people feel a fear of speaking with a foreigner. Perhaps they feel that their English is not good enough. Maybe they fear that they will not be understood or that they will make a mistake. These people must understand that Americans do not criticize someone who is trying hard to learn a new language! Most Americans will always try to help a person in need. Most Americans know that their OWN grammar is not perfect so they do not criticize other people! When I choose teachers for Topic-Time, I make sure that they are very friendly people with good skills in teaching and listening.

十人十色= Different strokes for different folks.

お互いの呼吸をあわせる。= To be in tune with someone.

みんなさんは学ぶことがあります。 みんなさんは教えることがあります。=
Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has something to learn.