Useful Phrases for Lessons

Sometimes an American teacher is hesitant to correct a student too much.

Socially, it is not acceptable to correct someone too much in every day life. It is seen as criticism and very rude! Teachers must overcome these societal boundaries and find a balance between correcting a student and encouraging a student.

Too little correction and the student does not learn. Too much correction and the student will become discouraged and too shy to speak. It is a thin line between too little and too much correction and each student is different! You can help your teacher by using these polite, helpful phrases during class.

Remember, conversation and learning takes 2 people.
This is a small way that you can make your learning experience at Topic-Time more effective.

Things to write before a lesson.

Feel free to copy and paste this into the Skype Chat box before your lesson.

  • I am preparing for ___________. Please help me with this. (example: travel, an exam, an interview)
  • I like to use articles/internet/news during a lesson. Please send me a link during the lesson.
  • I would like to practice free speaking by using Topics. Please let me speak a lot and correct all mistakes.
  • I would like to use the “Scarlett Method” please.
  • I would really like for you to concentrate on my ___________________ .(example: vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, grammar, how to use “a” and “the”)
  • I would like to learn about __________________ .
  • I would like for you to correct me very strictly!

Things to say during a lesson

  • I would like it if you could correct me more, please.I need you to correct my ~~~~ more, please. (pronunciation, grammar, etc)
  • Please focus hard on my ~~~~.
  • Can you type my sentences in the Skype message box so I can see my mistakes?
  • *** This is a little stronger if the above does not work to your satisfaction:
    I don’t feel you are correcting me enough. I really want to know the correct way to speak.