Teacher Nancy

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Accent Midwest

Hello! Welcome to my profile page. I hope you will give me an opportunity to help you practice your English.
While living in Japan and China, I gained experience teaching English to non-native speakers for over 5 years. My hobbies are reading, writing, baking and wogging (a mixture of walking and jogging)—it’s a necessary hobby when you like to bake and when you eat what you bake. I also enjoy doing origami. Recently I have learned how to do modular origami.
I’d like to visit with you and learn what your hobbies are. Let’s chat, learn from each other and practice speaking English!
You can do it! Ganbatte kudasai! 頑張ってください!

This Teacher:

  • Female
  • is Over 30 years old
  • Has lived in Japan
  • Knows a little Japanese
  • Has over 3 years of Teaching Experience


  • Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced Students
  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking
  • Idioms
  • Grammar
  • Teaches Children

  • Business English and Job Interview Preparation
  • Speech Preparation
  • Proofreading
  • Uses the Scarlett Method
  • Uses Topics
  • Uses Free Talk
  • Uses Articles